Dust Collector

Dust Collector

AMR Qtech duct collecters extracts the dusty air from the dusty generating point through duct connected to the bag house. The bags are usually made of cotton,wool, synthetic, or glass fibers,andther may be hundereds bags within one structure. This kind of fibric filtration is a well-known and practiced method for separating dry particles from a stream of gases/dust. The dusty gas flows into and through the fabric, leaving the dust on the inside of the bag, while the cleaned gas/dust exits through the bag to the other side and then out the baghouse. There are many different types of fabrics, different sizes of bags, different ways of flowing the gases throuygh the bages, and different ways of cleaning the bags within the bag-house. Extended operation of a bag-house requires that the bags be periodically cleaned, and that the dust be removed from the baghouse. The three common types of bag-houses (based on cleaning methods) are shaker, reverse-air,and pulsejet bag-houses.In a shaker bag house, the dusty airflow is blocked from the compatment to be cleaned, and the bags are shaken to knock off the dust, in areverse-air bag-house, the dusty airflow is blocked from compartment to be cleaned, and the clean air is forced to flow gently backwards through the bags, dislodging the particles. In a pulsejet bag-house, a blast of compressed clean airflows briefly into the bags, while they are still filtering dusty air, knocking off same dust. In all cases the dislodged chunks of dust fall by gravity and is collected in hoppers, and can be removed without further disturbing the air filtring process.

Cyclone Separators

Cyclone Separator is mostly used for common dust removal in the industry. The Cyclone Dust Separator offered by us is simple in construction and can be used at a very high temperature. In cyclone separator the suspended particles are separated from the gas stream by the action of centrifugal and gravitational force. The dust-laden gas is introduced tangentially into the separation chamber and thereby vortex flow is formed. Consequently, in cyclone separator of small diameter, the separation of small suspended particles is effected and thus high degree of separation is achieved. For effectively working of dust collection systems with cyclone, efficient dust valves are vital and these dust valves are properly designed and supplied from our end. We provide availability of separator at affordable prices.

Special Features:-

Convenient Installation:

With castor, provide you mobility to use your desired points. You can attach the inlet right/left sides.


Built in high performance centrifugal fan


Polishing, grinding, drilling, acryl processing, cutting, stone processing, powder sealing, powder packing etc.