Kitchen Scrubber / Equipment

Kitchen Ventilation System

A typical kitchen ventilation system includes an exhaust hood or canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing adequate make-up air (air that is lost through the ventilation process). The entire system must constitute a fire-safe assembly within the building. Kitchen fumes are sucked into the hood, travel through vents, and are blown out of the building through the fan system itself. An equal amount of replacement air (or make-up air) from outside is drawn into the kitchen through make-up air vents. further more details or your specific requirment ,please email on

Kitchen Hoods for Exhaust

Our clients can avail from us a variety of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood. These are fabricated using quality materials and in accordance with the predefined industry standards. It is efficient in removing volatile gases, smell and mist from the kitchen.

available in ergonomic shapes and sizes. These hoods are suitable for removing mists, fumes, vapors and polluting elements from the kitchen. Smells generated from food items can be exhausted from the cafeteria or dining hall. These hoods are available in ergonomic shapes and are appreciated in the market for compact design and sturdiness